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The largest Realtor® trade association in southeastern Virginia

Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association

Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association

Serving more than 3,300 REALTORS® and over 600 affiliates, HRRA needed a website with curb appeal and high-powered functionality. Replacing outdated content, improving site navigation, and automatically updating member listings and directories helped boost the site’s popularity with users, as well as search engines.


Prior to partnering with vh.Agency, HRRA’s website was cumbersome to update and member listings were rarely current. The site also contained hundreds of pages of outdated or duplicate content, damaging the group’s rank within search engines. The site wasn’t mobile-friendly, either, which meant it wasn’t a go-to destination for busy professionals or those looking to buy or sell a home.


HRRA’s redesigned website puts users first. The dynamic new search features make finding a member or an affiliate a snap, while the enhanced members-only area makes it easier for everyone to get what they need while on the go.

The association’s systems are now in constant communication with each other, saving hours of additional work logging manual updates. Integrating the new site with HRAA’s existing social media channels creates a better and more consistent brand experience. Google Analytics provides custom reports and tracks a number of important key performance indicators, such as REALTOR® searches, membership information requests, views of event details, and registrations.

The new interactive REALTOR® photo gallery feature on the homepage has proven to be a big hit. More members are making it a point to complete or update their profiles, and the increased visibility has also enticed more real estate professionals to become HRRA members.


Sponsorship and advertising revenue has shot up as a result of the built-in ad server solution, which allows HRRA to place sponsor advertisements and provide in-depth reports to advertisers on the number of ad impressions, clicks-through rates, and other metrics, leading to improved advertiser retention and increased interest from new advertisers.

HRRA was so pleased with the new website that they asked us to redesign and integrate the Hampton Roads REALTORS® Association Circle of Excellence program websites, which will allow users to connect with professionals in their area.

Client Testimonial:

“We’ve worked with Visual Harbor on two websites for our clients so far, and they delivered all the bells and whistles we asked for, and then some! Their attention to post-launch issues and updates has been fantastic, months and even years afterwards. A website is never really done, and Visual Harbor is great about helping us as we grow along with their product.”
Kim Breeding-Mercer, Graphic Designer, Organization Management Group