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National Association of Residential Property Managers

National Association of Residential Property Managers (NARPM®)

NARPM® is made up of more than 60 local chapters throughout the U.S. representing over 4,000 members, including real estate agents, brokers, managers, and their employees. Since 2010, vh.Agency has worked with NARPM® to solidify their presence in the industry, as well as generate excitement around their annual conferences.


NARPM® was swimming in standalone systems, some of which they couldn’t even recall having. None of the systems talked to each other, making them expensive to maintain and track. On the previous website, members were required to use two sets of logins to gain access to gated content. Multiple logins made logging onto the site confusing, and two customer service reps were necessary just to troubleshoot one member’s question about gaining access or paying dues. Since updates needed to be done manually and were difficult and time-consuming, the directory was almost always out-of-date, leading to frustration among new members when they weren’t listed in the directory after joining.

NARPM® also needed a way to spread the word and get members excited about their annual conference, as well as other events held throughout the year.


vh.Agency delved into NARPM® data to study user behavior, analyzing how visitors navigated the site to search for content and resources. Simplifying the log-in process alone saved hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars each year. We built a custom and secure intranet that ties into the Association Management Software and shows users content based on their permissions level.

An online chat feature has taken the association’s communications channels to new heights, virtually eliminating the need for answering phones altogether by allowing staff to instantly handle questions online. If users have questions after hours, they can leave a message and create a support ticket. As a result, satisfaction levels are at an all-time high, leading to an increase in paid memberships and reduced overhead in handling call volume.

Internal communications have also improved by leaps and bounds. Chapter leaders, as well as board and committee members, can send e-mail blasts right from within the system, saving NARPM® $14,400 each year by erasing the need for a third-party e-mail system. Automatic e-mails welcome new members to the group, saving hours of manual labor each month and giving new members instant access to the information they need.

The online directory now pulls directly from NARPM® Association Management Software, which updates directories daily and shows real-time information. Numerous ways to search the online directory save money on printing costs for paper directories. Affiliate advertising revenue is up, as NARPM® is able to track logo impressions and clicks, which they can report back to advertisers as an incentive to renew, leading to more ad sales and higher sponsor retention.

A reusable microsite to promote the NARPM® annual convention and Broker/Owner retreat includes a detailed convention schedule for quick reference. Attendees love the “build your own convention schedule” feature, which allows them to create and print a custom schedule just for those tracks they’re interested in. A ticker counting down to the conference date also helps increase last-minute registrations.


Focusing on the online member experience has not only pleased visitors to the site, it has also saved NARPM® time and money. Event microsites make it easy for them to update attendees about the convention and provide information on hotel reservations, conference space, and sponsor logos, making event management and communications much more efficient.

The redesigned sites were so successful that NARPM® has tasked vh.Agency with redesigning 50+ smaller local chapter websites. We are also currently working to create an iOS and Android mobile app that will provide the latest convention information, schedule, and workshop details in real time; list area attractions such as hotels and restaurants; and allow members to post photos and updates to a social wall. We continue to provide NARPM® with marketing automation efficiencies, technical support, web hosting, and maintenance.