Strategic Digital Marketing and Technology Solutions

Analytics & Marketing Optimization


By analyzing your data and that of your competitors, we’re able to spot trends, seize opportunities, and connect your business with customers. We pay attention to what works and what doesn’t, and we make sure to optimize not only your marketing, but your ad spend, too. 

Web Analytics & Business Intelligence

How much business is your website really bringing you? A closer look at the analytics data you already have will provide the answer. Upgrade your business to a custom web analytics system to measure even more meaningful indicators. The right information provided to the right people at the right time generates more page views, subscriptions, leads, and sales. What you measure and track matters. Trust us with your data to turn goals into success.

In addition, we recommend you make business intelligence part of your company’s strategy. Empower corporate executives, business managers, and other end users with the knowledge they need to make informed decisions by using technology to transform raw data into actionable information. BI is a powerful tool that drives decision-making, heightens visibility, identifies market trends, and increases operational efficiency.

Dashboards & Key Performance Indicators

Put yourself in the driver’s seat and let us configure your website’s Google Analytics Dashboard. Stay on top of the stats that matter to your business, such as traffic sources, visits, key performance indicators, and sales. What matters to you, matters to us.

A/B Multivariate Testing & Conversion Optimization

Is your homepage causing customers to leave your website? Something as simple as the color of your call to action button or the image displayed on the page could be to blame. Maybe the style or size of the font is not appealing to your target audience. Is the headline too short? Too long? A/B and multivariate testing lets you study visitor behavior and tests how they react when elements on your homepage are altered. Once we know what your customers want, we can include the finest elements on your homepage, leading to a lower bounce rate, more conversions, and more satisfied customers.

Marketing Automation & Optimization

Marketing teams have more ways to communicate with customers than there are hours in the day. We streamline your company’s marketing efforts by creating a marketing automation tool to address the specific goals of your business. The results are enhanced productivity and alignment of your marketing efforts and sales processes. Quantifiable results and critical insights optimize your marketing campaigns and improve lead management through encouragement, segmentation, and scoring techniques.

Google Partner & Adobe Certified

Not only are we an Adobe and Google Partner certified advertising agency, we are also masters of AdWords. We get your business noticed through search engine and display advertising. We also harness the power of Google Analytics to capture the data you need to make decisions about marketing your company.


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