Strategic Digital Marketing and Technology Solutions

Technology Solutions


Why settle for a mass-produced system when you can have one custom-made for your business? If existing systems are holding you back, vh.AGENCY can design a secure application or website that does exactly what you need it to do, while also automating processes so you can devote time to what really matters.

Software Development Consulting

Finding software features to help your business run more efficiently isn’t easy. Our team provides knowledgeable advice and also creates custom applications to keep your business running smoothly. Our software designs are tailored to your business’ unique needs and goals and offer straightforward, easy-to-read visual data.

We consult a variety of companies, agencies, and individuals on the best software to meet their needs, including everything from Customer Relationship Managers (CRMs) to Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) tools. But when a custom solution is required, we handle that, too. Our team has the skills and expertise to create what your business needs from scratch, rather than cobbling together many different tools.

Web Application Development

Web design and web applications are the backbone of your brand’s digital marketing strategy. Whether you are redesigning your website or developing an advanced web-based application, you have a team of proven professionals on your side. Before we start building your site or app, we know who will use it and what their needs are, how users will interact with it, and what kind of experience you want those users to have. Fusing the key goals of the website with the end result ensures we meet your company’s objectives on time and within budget, while remaining true to the brand’s aesthetic and corporate identity.

Mobile App Development

Go beyond your website and deliver useful tools and entertainment options straight into your customers’ hands with mobile applications. Mobile apps are not the same as mobile websites. Since they can tap into a phone’s hardware, accessing things like GPS sensors, cameras and microphones, mobile apps create a truly interactive experience. They are the perfect way for customers to use your business solutions to solve their unique problems. Let us develop an iOS or Android app tailored to your customers to serve as a portable version of your business.

Applications & Systems Integration

Whether you need to integrate independent systems, or interface legacy systems with a new website or application, we can help. We create shortcuts, or even automate the entire process, by merging different systems so they can communicate with each other. We save you time and money by streamlining operations and getting your systems talking to each other.

Inventory Management, Ecommerce, Healthcare, and Other Solutions

Whether you need a way to manage inventory or an ecommerce site, we’ve got what you need. We also create websites and systems for the healthcare industry that adhere to strict HIPAA compliance rules and provide relentless protection of sensitive customer data.

Hosting & Server Management

Web hosting may seem as humdrum as paying the water bill, but think about life without water. Web hosting may not be glamorous, but it is an essential part of your daily website routine. If you have unreliable web hosting, it could negatively impact your website’s ability to rank in search engines. Our agency owns and manages a variety of dedicated servers and several professional-grade hosting accounts, which gives us the ability to host and maintain our clients’ websites. We guarantee software and hardware that matches or even exceeds your website’s requirements. Best of all, if something does happen (the world isn’t perfect, after all) then we deal with it, so you don’t have to.

Whether or not we designed and developed your website, we offer website maintenance service plans to fit your needs. Billed on a flat-fee monthly retainer, you have access to a certain number of reserved hours each month. That way, pricing is straightforward and easy to budget. Use your hours for website hosting, content updates, pay-per-click campaigns, e-mail blasts, or other marketing support items. Best of all, unused hours roll over to the next month. It’s like having a large-scale project already paid for in advance.


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