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Council for Higher Education Accreditation partners with vh.AGENCY

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Posted by: Carrie Smaha

Website Solutions for Higher Education

VIRGINIA BEACH, VA (May 22, 2017) – vh.AGENCY, a full-service digital marketing and technology firm, has been awarded a contract to provide website development solutions for the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

vh.AGENCY has partnered with the Council for Higher Education Accreditation for a complete website overhaul that will focus on mobile-first design, content restructuring, implementation of a powerful on-site search system, and interfacing with MemberMax. All told, the current website has more than 10,000 pages, PDFs, and other media assets.

vh.AGENCY specializes in solutions and management tools for member-based associations in sectors like higher education, affordable housing, residential property management, real estate, and more. We understand in great detail the systems that associations require to service their members and provide them with a wealth of information. We deliver websites, apps, digital marketing, and online-based solutions that are built to serve the association’s members, affiliates, and prospects for many years to come. In return, the client’s internal business functions are streamlined, and membership retention goes up.

Please join us in sending congratulations to the Council for Higher Education Accreditation for investing in the future growth of their association.

About vh.AGENCY
vh.AGENCY is a full-service, results-driven digital marketing and technology firm, serving U.S. and international clients from its office in Virginia Beach, Virginia. The agency provides branding, consulting, digital strategy, digital production, software development, website design and development, business intelligence, comprehensive web analytics, and digital advertising. Key verticals include associations, higher education, retirement communities, property management & real estate companies.

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