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3 Advantages of Working with a Google Partner Certified Advertising Agency

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Posted by: Alex Demeshkin

Google Partners is a program Google created for professionals who manage AdWords accounts, including advertising agencies, digital marketing professionals, and other online consultants.

To earn a Google Partners badge, an agency has to show that certain employees have met AdWords skill and expertise requirements by passing extensive assessments and earning certifications. Additionally, a Google Partner Certified Agency must demonstrate a thorough understanding through managing client accounts by meeting AdWords spend requirements and excelling at company and client revenue growth.

Although many digital advertising agencies offer pay-per-click (PPC) advertising as a service to help grow your business, many do not use Google’s platform correctly. AdWords accounts that aren’t properly managed can lead to a decrease in overall results and an increase in your spending.

Below are 3 advantages of why you should work with a Google Partner Certified Agency:

  • Google Partners Understand the Platform: Certified agencies are trained to understand all aspects of the AdWords platform so that your business can achieve desired results for less money. A Google Partner can help strategically optimize your ads by utilizing correct bid adjustment techniques, increasing quality scores, improving landing page experiences, staying current with negative keywords, correctly utilizing ad extensions, among many other techniques.
  • Google Partners Work Directly with Google: Certified agencies have direct access to a Google representative who can help with client account issues, optimization best practices and insights, and training on new features. Having access to a Google representative helps a Google Partner stay current with Google’s new features and products, as well as keeping their clients’ accounts optimized.
  • Google Partners are Constantly Evaluated: Google Partners are constantly being evaluated to maintain Google’s high standards. Certified agencies must keep current with their certifications by continuing to pass exams and follow advertising best practices. A Google Partner must constantly evaluate and optimize their clients’ accounts to maintain their Google Partners badge.

To achieve your digital advertising goals with the lowest cost and highest return on investment (ROI), it is important that you partner with a Google certified agency. Your business needs a company that can implement an advanced digital marketing strategy through Google AdWords, including search, display (banners), mobile, and video ads that is specifically tailored to share the right message at the right time for your target audience.

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