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Harris Connect - "Mobile Alumni Today" Promo Videos and Microsite Launch

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Posted by: Carrie Smaha

We are please to announce the launch of

Mobile Alumni Today App (30 seconds) from Visual Harbor.

Visual Harbor recently worked with Harris Connect, the leading provider of fundraising, directory, and data solutions, to market one of their newest products! Mobile Alumni Today™ is a custom mobile application that allows users to stay in touch with their Alma Mater and alumni. The app allows users to reconnect with old friends, network with peers, as well as share personal achievements and stay up to date on news from their school.

Visual Harbor created two promo videos and built a microsite to promote this latest product offering. The 30 second and 2 minute videos were created using a technique called paper stop animation. Each element of the video, including the people, canvas, and moving elements, were made from paper cutouts, then animated over a few short days. In addition to the animation, Visual Harbor’s team produced the video concept, storyboards, script, voiceover, sound effects, and music.

Mobile Alumni Today

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