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National Affordable Housing Management Association (NAHMA®) website launch

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Posted by: Carrie Smaha

In early 2014, Visual Harbor was chosen out of 33 vendors to completely redesign The National Affordable Housing Management Association ( website. The original site was static, clunky, and lacked an efficient navigation. Visual Harbor rebuilt the site using the WordPress platform, making it more user and mobile friendly, restructuring the website navigation and content, and migrating more than 400 pages of content. In addition, we implemented a number of online searchable directories that pulls data from a Microsoft Access database. We also implemented an online shopping cart functionality that is used to sell products, membership renewals, and meeting registrations. The shopping cart is synced with and QuickBooks to streamline the accounting process, from managing inventory to printing invoices. The redesigned NAHMA website was launched in August 2014.

Services rendered:

  • Website Redesign & Development
  • WordPress CMS
  • WooCommerce with & QuickBooks integration
  • Ad Banner management with impressions, clicks, and CTR
  • Google Analytics
  • Website Hosting & Server Management
  • Ongoing Website Maintenance Plan

 National Affordable Housing Management Association

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