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Alex Demeshkin

Alex Demeshkin

Partner, Digital Strategist

client strategy + digital marketing + analytics

Born in the Soviet Union during its collapse and having experienced life in both Virginia and Florida, Alex has always embraced the ability to seamlessly navigate between extremes. 

With Alex at the helm, vh.AGENCY stands as a testament to his commitment to delivering results and driving growth. Over the years Alex has worked with clients across various industries and sectors, including TV and digital media, higher education, finance, non-profits, and real estate.

With a diverse academic background encompassing technology, M.B.A. degree in marketing and e-commerce, B.A. in Japanese, and Eastern Studies, Alex possesses a unique blend of skills and knowledge. 

Alex's professional journey includes noteworthy roles such as Digital Strategy Manager for, Manager of Online Marketing and Technology at Regent University, and Project Manager for Novosoft, Inc. — one of Eastern Europe's largest software development companies during his tenure.

His project oversight extended to clients like Microsoft, IBM, and venture-backed startups, enabling him to consistently deliver outstanding results.

Beyond the professional realm, Alex's personal life encompasses an even greater range of interests. From sailing to scuba diving, jewelry making to camping, he embraces a multitude of passions. Alex's adventurous spirit even recently made him skydive multiple times and attain his motorcycle license. That’s just how he rolls, or, rather, rides..


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