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Alex Demeshkin

Alex Demeshkin

Partner, Digital Strategist

client strategy + digital marketing + analytics

From Russia to Virginia, technology to marketing, English to Japanese, Alex has always moved easily between extremes. Perhaps it’s this kind of versatility that allows him to see new opportunities where others see only meaningless numbers.

Over the years, Alex has combined his analytical, technical, and marketing skills to provide innovative solutions to clients in industries that include defense and national security, higher education, finance, media, non-profits, and real estate.

Before founding vh.AGENCY, he was a Digital Strategy Manager for, Manager of Online Marketing and Technology at Regent University and a Project Manager for Novosoft, Inc. – one of Russia’s largest software development companies – where he oversaw projects for such clients as Microsoft and IBM.

Alex built his first website in 1996, which attracted his first client – an American guy looking for a Russian girl he’d met on a visit. Ask him about it. Then ask what he can do for you.


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