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Amy Jeffers

Amy Jeffers

Digital Strategist

digital advertising + content marketing

Amy joined vh.AGENCY in 2017 as a digital marketing intern. An unconventional path, Amy received her PhD in health psychology from Virginia Commonwealth University. Toward the end of her studies, she had a growing passion for digital media, as a significant amount of her research experience at VCU involved utilization of digital technologies to collect and analyze data. Instead of pursuing a typical career in her field post-graduation, Amy decided to focus on a career that blended her passions for research and data analysis, writing, and digital media; thus, an interest in digital marketing was born! She’s excited about starting a career that embraces both analytical thinking and creativity, and allows her to put her skills to use in delivering quality products.

Amy currently assists our clients with digital marketing strategies and execution, content development, and multimedia needs. She's our rock star digital marketer.


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